Houston Rockets: Near Side Double Screen Basketball Play

This is not your traditional double screen basketball play. The reason why is because the ball and the double screen are both on the same side of the floor. It is almost like a pro cut or Kentucky cut, but more vertical than horizontal. If the shot is not available on the catch and shoot off of the double screen, the player can sweep and drive to the basket of for a pull-up. The other wing has already cleared through, so there is no help on that whole side of the floor. This is one of the better basketball plays to run for a player that you feel has a one on one advantage over their defender.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: Near Side Double Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get your best shooter/scorer coming off the double screen and then let them play out of it.

Play Tips: Shooter needs to be ready to shoot the basketball coming off of the double screen but if he/she doesn’t shoot it then they need to sweep away from the double screen because that side of the floor is empty.


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