Houston Rockets: Pin Down Backdoor Counter Basketball Play (10-11)

Good basketball plays don’t have to be complicated, but they do need to be executed well. This is just a simple pin down basketball play, but because the cutter sets his man up well and the screener sets a good screen, it results in an open shot. Be efficient in your offense and be able to execute your plays very well. If you have younger or inexperienced basketball players you are going to have to teach them how to set their defender up and use a screen like this. It all comes down to a good screen, the cutter using the screen, and then being able to read their defender the correct way.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: Pin Down Backdoor Counter Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Set a good pin down screen and get a shot off of the pin down. If the cutter is being overplayed cut back door for the lob.

Play Tips: Don’t make the cutter wait for the ball when he comes off of the pin down screen. Set a good screen and make sure the cutter sets his man up.


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