Houston Rockets: Pin Down, Cross Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

Sometimes the best way for a player to get open for a shot is to first set a good screen. If the shooter sets a good cross screen, then his/her defender has to help. This leaves the shooter who set the cross screen open to come off of the down screen for an open shot. It only works though if the shooter is first willing to set a great screen for their teammate.

The success of basketball plays like this are all determined by the players setting the screen, and then great timing. It is important that the passer hits the open teammate as soon as they come free, whether it is the player receiving a screen or setting one.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: Pin Down, Cross Screen Down Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Have your best scorer/shooter set a cross screen on one of the big men and then come off of the handoff. Also, get the big man a deep catch if he is open off of the cross screen.

Play Tips: The better the cross screen is the more open the shooter will be when comes off the down screen. If the big man is open off of the cross screen, hit him.


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