Houston Rockets: Post Entry Interchange Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

These types of basketball plays are pretty simple, but if executed the right way it can be very effective, especially if you need a quick basket. Anytime the basketball goes inside out for a shot it is usually good offense. If the shot isn’t there on the interchange the post player can just go to work on the block or look opposite. It is key that the other players not involved in the direct action space the floor and is ready to shoot the basketball if their man over helps and the ball is kicked to them.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: Post Entry Interchange Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Feed the post and then have the player that made the pass go screen the shooter at the top of the key so that they can get an open shot on the wing.

Play Tips: If the big man passes the basketball out to the shooter and the shot isn’t there you can just re-post the big man and then play out of it. The screener needs to do a good job of finding the shooters man and hitting him/her with a good legal screen.


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