Houston Rockets: SLOB Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

The sideline out of bounds back screen down screen basketball play is good because it gets right into the offense as soon as the ball is passed in. It is also one of the better basketball plays because you are running two actions in a row for your best scorer. As a coach, it is important that you are setting lots of screens for your best scoring guards to help them get better looks at the basket.

The shooter is receiving a back screen followed by a down screen for a shot. After guarding the back screen the defender is probably thinking he can relax a little and then the down screen burns him. Also, the back screen causes the big man to be out of position to extend on the down screen.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: SLOB Back Screen Down Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Set a good back screen to get the defense to shift and then immediately set a down screen for the same player.

Play Tips: If the back screen is open for a shot or layup take it, always be a threat to score. Read the defender coming off the down screen to know how you should cut (straight, curl, or fade).


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