Houston Rockets: SLOB Double Screen Handoff Basketball Play

This Houston Rockets sideline out of bounds double screen handoff play is going to get the basketball in and then go right into to the offense. The key to this basketball play is to keep the basketball moving and get the defense to break down and make a mistake on a closeout or gap situation, this will allow a driving lane to the basket.

You don’t ever want to waste the opportunity to run a set play off of a dead ball because it is a great chance to get the team all lined up and on the same page (this rule does not apply for end of game situations).



Play Name: Houston Rockets: SLOB Double Screen Hand Off Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get the defense to break down by moving the ball and then hand the ball off and drive hard to the basket.

Play Tips: Don’t catch and hold the basketball. Set good screens and cut hard. On the dribble handoff, make sure that you dribble at the defender of the person you are handing the basketball too.


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