Houston Rockets: SLOB Elbow Double Stack Basketball Play (10-11)

Whether it is a low shot clock or game clock there are going to be sideline out of bounds possessions where you need a quick bucket before the time runs out. This sideline out of bounds basketball play is perfect if the clock is under 3-4 seconds and you need to get a quick shot off. You can also use this basketball play if the clock isn’t running down, but you will want to be more selective with the type of shot that you take off of the inbound pass.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: SLOB Elbow Double Stack Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Get a quick shot off of the inbound pass.

Play Tips: Make sure that the double stack stays right on the elbow because if it gets too far out towards the sideline then their won’t be as much space for the shooter to get the shot off. If the clock is not running low then the shooter should be selective with the shot and only shoot if open. If time is running out then shoot the shot regardless and at least try to get the ball up on the rim.


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