Houston Rockets: SLOB Give and Go High Post Hand Off Basketball Play (10-11)

Great players are able to turn simple basketball plays into something good. They are able to read the defense and then make the right cut or move to get a good look for themselves or a teammate.

This is a very basic handoff basketball play, but it is all about reading the defender on the handoff and then making the correct adjustments. If you are able to think the game, keep good spacing, read the defense, and make plays for each other, your offense is going to be good. The key is getting everyone on the same page.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: SLOB Give and Go High Post Hand Off Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Pass the ball into the high post, read the defense, and then use the hand off the right way.

Play Tips: If the defender goes way under you can shoot the basketball instead of driving it if you want. The post player needs to set a screen on the cutter’s defender as he/she hands the basketball off.


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