Houston Rockets: SLOB Pin Down Curl Hand Off Basketball Play (10-11)

Sometimes the best way to get a player a shot is to have them set a screen and then come off a screen. This Houston Rockets basketball play does just that by having the shooter first set a down screen to get his man to help, and then come off a handoff for a shot.

However for this basketball play to work though, the shooter must set a good screen and the first cutter must sell the cut and be a threat to score. If the shooter doesn’t set a good screen than his/her man can just stay attached to them and when they come off the down screen they will be right there as well. The play only works if the players are willing to set good screens for each other and cut hard.



Play Name: Houston Rockets: SLOB Pin Down Curl Hand Off Basketball Play (10-11)

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Play Goal: Get a layup off of the first pin down curl or get a shot off of the handoff action.

Play Tips: The player coming off the handoff needs to first set a good screen to make his man help off. Also, the first cutter needs to cut hard and if he/she doesn’t get the ball they need to bump the pin down man’s defender when they curl. Come tight shoulder to shoulder on the handoff action.

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