Jeff B. Davis: Handoff Rub Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

The key to this basketball play is timing and setting good screens. By making the defense focus on the handoff and rub screen action, you soften up the defense and keep them from being able to help the way they should on the double screen. This is a good basketball play because it has multiple screening options and helps to keep the defense from being in the help.

It is important to have go-to plays in your playbook that you can go to as a basketball coach when you need a big basket. All of our basketball plays come with video breaking down the play, and also written text explaining tips to running the play the correct way.



Play Name: Jeff B. Davis: Handoff Rub Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get the defense to focus on the handoff and brush screen action to draw attention away from the double screen on the baseline for the shooter.

Play Tips: Make sure that you set good screens for the shooter and don’t make the shooter wait on the pass. Be aggressive and make the defense respect the handoff action.


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