LA Clippers: Horns Flex Screen Pistol Basketball Play (14-15)

The more screens and cuts that you can make a defense have to guard, the more potential there is for a defensive breakdown. This basketball play that the Los Angeles Clippers run is going to have three screens right in a row and it is going to force the defense to have to communicate and execute at a high level to not give up an easy basket. The goal of the play is to have the ball handler come off of the screens, read the defense, and then hit the open teammate.



Play Name: LA Clippers: Horns Flex Screen Pistol Basketball Play (14-15)

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Play Goal: Get the point guard coming off of multiple ball screens with an angle, and then either look to score or find the open teammate for the finish.

Play Tips: Point guard must be willing to set a great flex screen to get spacing from their defender. Shooters off of the ball need to be down ready to shoot if their defender over helps.


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