LA Clippers: Slice Back Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (15-16)

If you look at players like J. J. Redick you will see that they are not great at creating for themselves, but they can be extremely valuable tools to the offense if you help them get open looks. This basketball play is designed for a player like this. The shooter is able to run off of screens and shoot catch and shoot shots at a high percentage. The play going to use hard cuts by the shooter, a screen the screener action, and then a final pin down screen to free the shooter for an open shot.



Play Name: LA Clippers: Slice Back Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (15-16)

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Play Goal: Have the shooter cut hard, set a screen, and then receive a screen for an open catch and shoot shot.

Play Tips: The harder that the shooter cuts and sets their screen, the more open they will be when they come off of the pin-down action. They must also be able to read their defender and set them up before using the pin-down action. This is a great play to run out of a side inbounds action, or in a half court set.


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