Louisville: Double High Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

This double high ball screen play is going to have a couple of back screens and a pro cut before the ball screen action and you may be able to get a quality shot off of one of those cuts, but they are really in order to set up this double high ball screen action and to remove all of the help defense. If the action was just run at the beginning of the play it wouldn’t work very well because the defense would all be sitting in the help, and there would be no spacing.

Good basketball plays against a good half-court defense almost always have different screening and cutting actions that set up the real purpose of the play. This helps to get the defense shifting and hopefully out of position when the real action is run. It is important though that your team cuts hard and sets good screens for the entire play. The reason why is because one, it sells the play, but two they could end up getting a great shot if the defense falls asleep. As a basketball coach, it is important that you explain this to your team.



Play Name: Louisville: Double High Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a double high ball screen at the top of the key and let the ball handler attack the basket.

Play Tips: Every cut and screen needs to be run at a high level, and needs to be a threat to score. Don’t just be a robot in the offense because the play is not designed specifically to get you a shot. On the ball screen action, the ball handler needs to be aggressive, and the shooters need to space and rotate for a shot or re-drive if their defender over helps.



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