Louisville: Down Screen to High Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

This is a good ball screen basketball play to run with a quick guard that can get into the paint and create for themselves, or for a teammate. The reason that there is going to be a down screen leading into the ball screen is because it will hopefully make the post player be late on being able to hedge out on the ball screen, and this will give the ball handler the ability to get the angle to attack the paint.

Two big keys for this Louisville down screen to high ball screen play are a quality down screen for the post player, and then the post player sprinting to the ball screen. It is up to you as the basketball coach to make sure that these details are stressed to your team. This is not an overly complex play, so the details are extremely important if it is going to work.



Play Name: Louisville: Louisville: Down Screen to High Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Set a high ball screen and let the ball handler attack the paint off of the screen for themselves, or a teammate.

Play Tips: Post player needs to set their defender up before using the down screen, and then sprint to the ball screen. Ball handler needs to be aggressive on the attack, but still under control and able to read the defense. Players off the ball need to maintain good spacing and rotate to open passing lanes.


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