Louisville: Pin Down Screen Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

This type of ball screen basketball play can be run against multiple types of ball screen defenses, but the best type of defense to run it against is one that is trying to hedge or extend out on the ball screen action. The reason that it works so well is because the screener is going to get a down screen first before coming to set the ball screen. This will free them up to get to the ball screen before their defender does. That means that the post defender is not in a position to extend out and hedge on the screen, leaving the guard defender exposed.

After this happens it is up to the ball handler to be able to either split the screen or attack the late arriving big man’s outside hip. This will usually end up in an open driving lane to the basket, or a foul on the post defender for trying to cut off the ball handler and not being quick enough to do so. Here are a few great ball screen drills that you can do to help the ball handler work on this as well; Ball Screen Turn the CornerBall Screen Split, and Ball Screen Switch Mismatch.



Play Name: Louisville: Pin Down Screen Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Set a down screen for the ball screen player so that their defender is late getting out on the hedge.

Play Tips: Post player needs to set their man up before using the down screen, and then sprint up to the ball screen. Ball handler needs to be aggressive off of the ball screen, but also needs to read the defense and take what is being given. Does not have to be a finish at the basket, can be a drive and kick, etc.


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