Loyola: Pin Down Ball Screen and High Low Basketball Play (12-13)

This pin down ball screen and high low basketball play is going to have several actions going at the same time, and it is up to the offense to read how the defense is guarding the play, and then make the right read. By having the play start with a pin down screen your team is going to get some movement right off the bat, and also it will be easier for the wing player to get a catch at the 3 point line.

When the opposite big vacates their block to come up and ball screen it allows the offense to either run a ball screen action or for the player who has the ball to make a read and throw a high low pass over the top to the near side big man posting up. The reason that this works is because the help is no longer on the backside since they had to run up to show on the ball screen. Because of this, the only person that would be available to help on the over the top pass is the opposite wing, and if they do than their man will be open for a skip pass shot. Having the right basketball plays in your playbook can make all the difference in a close game.



Play Name: Loyola: Pin Down Ball Screen and High Low Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Use the ball screen or make the high low pass over the top for a layup/dunk.

Play Tips: The post player that is coming to set the screen must sprint up there and sell the ball screen, and the opposite wing player needs to make sure that they are spacing the floor. It is up to the player with the ball to read the defense and make the correct read.

Play Diagram PDF: Loyola 12-13 – Pin Down with Side Ball Screen & Hi-Low Action


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