Loyola: Pin Down Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

By having the big man get a pin down screen before coming up for the ball screen you put his defender at a disadvantage because he has to fight through the screen and then still get out to hedge the ball screen. The post player must sprint right to the ball screen. After the ball screen, you can look for the post up or high low action if you aren’t able to create anything off of the dribble. The goal of this basketball play is to put the defense at a disadvantage and open up the lane for a drive and finish or a drive and kick.



Play Name: Loyola: Pin Down Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Set a good pin down screen for your big man so that they have an advantage on the ball screen action.

Play Tips: Set a good pin down screen and then ball screen man must sprint to the screen before his/her defender can recover. Be aggressive off of the ball screen but if nothing is there then look for the post up or the high low action. Wing players need to keep good spacing and be ready to shoot if the ball comes to them and they are open.


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