Loyola: Side Ball Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

These types of basketball plays are really good because you have multiple actions going on at the same time and there are no defenders that can sit in the paint and help out on the ball screen action. By having a shooter come off a double pin down screen on the other side of the floor while the ball screen is happening you eliminate any help defenders and the pick and pop is wide open if the defense is hedging or trapping. Having the right plays can be the difference between winning and losing games. You need to find plays that are going to put your players in positions where they are comfortable scoring the ball.



Play Name: Loyola: Side Ball Screen Double Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Run a ball screen action and double pin down screen at the same time and eliminate the help.

Play Tips: Don’t play like a robot. Read the defense and hit the open man for the shot. It is up to the ball handler to find the open man or shoot the shot themselves. Be aggressive off of the screen. Make sure that the shooter gets a good pin down screen and then react out of it.


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