Marion Military: BLOB Elbow Double Stack Basketball Play (11-12)

This baseline out of bounds basketball play offers two different options to score off of. Both wings are going to curl off the double stack at the elbow, and the player passing the ball in is going to read the defense and hit either the first or second curler. Both players need to cut hard and be a threat to score. Every basketball inbound play should be run to get a basket, not just to get the basketball inbounds.



Play Name: Marion Military: BLOB Elbow Double Stack Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Have the big men set a double stack screen at the elbow for both of the wings to curl off of and then look for the open man.

Play Tips: If the big man’s defender helps on the first curl then the second curler is going to be open. The first player must curl tight to the screens and look to get the basketball moving towards the basket.


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