Michigan: 2-3 Zone Ball Screen Basketball Play

Whether the defense is a man to man defense or zone defense, the ball screen can still be used. In order for it to work though, the screening action needs to get the defense to suck in and have to help. Otherwise, the defense doesn’t really have to respect the ball screen and can just stay at home in their designated areas. The way that you get the defense to react is by setting a good screen, and then also by having the ball handler be aggressive off of the screen, but without getting in too deep and in trouble.

This Michigan 2-3 zone ball screen play is not one of the most advanced basketball plays out there, but it works when executed well. The ball is reversed to get the defense to shift, and then the ball screen comes right after. A big key for the shooter is being down ready to shoot because if they have to catch and load to shoot, the defender will recover and take away the shot. All of the basketball shooting drills that you do with your team should stress this type of shot preparation.



Play Name: Michigan: 2-3 Zone Ball Screen Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Use a ball screen on one of the top zone defenders and create a shooting opportunity for the player in the corner.

Play Tips: Needs to be a good legal screen to free up the ball handler and make the baseline defender commit on the help. The shooter needs to be down ready and stepping into their shot as the pass is coming to them.


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