Michigan: Motion Offense Basketball Play (12-13)

A motion offense is a great way to get the ball moving and also your players moving, and the reason why is because they all have designed cuts and screens that they must set. This will help prevent your team from being stagnant on the offensive end. When the ball and players are moving on the offensive end, it makes the defense have to communicate and also keeps them from loading up in the help. That means that there is more chance of a breakdown in the defense, and then when there is, there will be no help.

To get the best look out of this Michigan motion offense play your players must be willing to cut hard and be a threat to score on each cut, and also set good screens. If every player that cuts through is a threat to score, all of the defensive players will have respect each cut. Most basketball plays are determined by what the players not shooting the ball are doing, in order to help set up the actual shooter.



Play Name: Michigan: Motion Offense Basketball Play (12-13)

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Play Goal: Get a finish at the basket or a wide open shot.

Play Tips: Players need to cut hard and be a threat to score, even if they aren’t going to get the ball. Read what the defense is giving you and don’t force anything. Set good screens and then react out of them.


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