Oldsmar Christian: 2-3 Zone Backside Lob Basketball Play

For any good zone basketball play to work you first need to get the defense focused on the ball and shifting back and forth because of player movement and ball movement. This 2-3 zone backside lob play is going to get the defense so focused on the basketball that they lose track of the player on the backside, and before they know a lob pass is being thrown and converted for an easy finish at the rim.



Play Name: Oldsmar Christian: 2-3 Zone Backside Lob Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Create a lob for your wing player on the backside of the zone.

Play Tips: Make sure that your best jumper is on the side that the lob is getting run too. Don’t stare down the receiver on the lob pass. The post that flashes up the middle needs to sell that he is going to get the ball to suck the defense in. Set a good screen on the back side.


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