Oldsmar Christian: Ball Screen Lob Basketball Play

What you are looking for on this basketball play is to get the defense to react to the ball screen up top and over adjust so that the screener can turn around and get a back screen for a lob. It is important that the player sets a great screen before they go to get the lob. If there is no good screen, then the defense doesn’t have to help. Also, make sure that there is proper spacing so the defense is not able to help on the lob without leaving a shooter open.



Play Name: Oldsmar Christian: Ball Screen Lob Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a lob off the back screen for your big man.

Play Tips: Make sure that the PG brings his man below the ball screen and comes off the screen aggressively to make the other teams big man help on the ball screen. The man setting the screen needs to set a good screen and then receive a good back screen.


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