Oldsmar Christian: Double Ball Screen Lob Basketball Play

Great offensive basketball sets can make a great team. What you are looking for in this set is the lob off of the back screen. However, if you do not set up the play and sell the first action of coming off the ball screen, then this will not be open. Develop your winning basketball playbook by looking through all our free basketball plays.



Play Name: Oldsmar Christian: Double Ball Screen Lob Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a lob off the back screen for your big man.

Play Tips: The PG coming off the screen needs to bring his man below the double ball screen and come off like he is going to attack. Big men setting the double at the top need to set good screens so that their men will have to help on the ball handler. Backside wing needs to set a good back screen to free up the big man.


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