Oldsmar Christian: Handoff Backdoor Basketball Play

This is a more advanced backdoor basketball play, but it is great to have a few different backdoor plays in your arsenal because they will allow you to soften up a team that likes to overpressure. Which in turn, will allow you to run your other sets more effectiveness. Look through all of our basketball plays and find the ones that fit your team best and will give your team the best chance to win.



Play Name: Oldsmar Christian: Handoff Backdoor Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a backdoor cut for a layup.

Play Tips: Timing and space are especially key for this play. Make sure the player that clears through from the wing sells his cut and gets all the way out to the other side. The man receiving the backdoor pass needs to fake like he is coming back up top to get the ball and then back cut.


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