Oldsmar Christian: High 2-3 Backdoor Basketball Play

This is a great basketball play to run against teams that like to pressure or gamble. It will take advantage of the wing defender trying to deny the catch. If you don’t run any backdoor basketball plays the other team will keep gambling and pressuring your team, you have to keep them honest. Two or three backdoor layups will loosen up the passing lanes and let you run your other sets.



Play Name: Oldsmar Christian: High 2-3 Backdoor Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Get a backdoor cut for a layup.

Play Tips: Make sure that everyone is high, if the opposite wing is below the free throw line then his defender will be able to be in the help and the backdoor won’t be there. The player receiving the backdoor pass needs to set his man up and the passer needs to dribble right at the defender who is guarding the wing.


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