Pitt Panthers: Back Screen Re-Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (11-12)

A good shooter knows how to use off ball screens and read his defender. What the shooter wants to do is to set his man up and sell that he/she is going one way, before quickly cutting back the other way. On this basketball play, the defender is cheating to the inside so the shooter is going to take him off the big man that he just got a back screen from.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: Back Screen Re-Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Have the shooter get a back screen and then read the defender and come off the re-screen pin down for a shot.

Play Tips: Shoot must sell his move like he is going to come across the paint out the other side first. Set a good back screen to make the defender jump to the paint and then set a good down screen to help the shooter have time to get the shot off.


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