Pitt Panthers: Ball Screen Slip, Ball Screen Roll/Replace Basketball Play (11-12)

This is a great basketball play because it involves multiple players in the actions, and if the timing is right it will be very hard for the defense to guard. The first ball screen man is going to slip making the help defense have to rotate. Now for the second ball screen, the help is out of place and the offense can just play out of it.

Anytime you can get the help defense out of sort for one of your basketball plays you are going to usually end up with a pretty good shot. However, you have to be patient and set up some kind of diversion action before getting into your primary action.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: Ball Screen Slip, Ball Screen Roll/Replace Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Make the defense rotate on the slip and then make them pay on the second ball screen.

Play Tips: Sell the slip action and have the second big man sprint to screen. To make this play work the timing has to be right. Read the defense out of the second ball screen and just play out of it. Your looks are a shot for yourself, roll man, replace man, or weak side wings if their defenders’ ball watch.


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