Pitt Panthers: Baseline Double/Single Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

This is a great basketball play for teaching your players the importance of setting a good screen. The better the second screen is on the double screen, the more open the second screener will be when he comes off of the single screen. Setting good screens can add so much value to your team and to yourself as a player.

It is up to you as the basketball coach to make sure that your players are setting good screens for each other. Screens are involved in the majority of basketball plays, so it is important that you spend the needed time to teach this skill. The player using the screen or screens needs to make sure that they are also setting up their defender before coming off as well.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: Baseline Double/Single Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Set a good double screen so that the second screener’s man has to help. Immediately after the double screen, the second screener is going to come off a single screen on the other side for a shot or curl.

Play Tips: Set good screens and read the defense. Don’t stare down the receiver if you have the ball at the top.


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