Pitt Panthers: BLOB Single Screen Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

The goal of this basketball play is to get a good quality shot off of the inbound pass. You can use this play if the shot clock is low, or any time that you have a BLOB. Whenever you have an out of bounds play you should be looking to score, or get right into your offense. It is a great time to run a set play and really focus on good execution.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: BLOB Single Screen Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

Similar Plays: Chicago Bulls: BLOB Double/Single Screen Basketball Play, Georgia Southern: BLOB 4 Across Pin Down Basketball Play (11-12), Pitt Panthers: BLOB Elbow Double Stack – Double Screen Basketball Play

Play Goal: Get an open catch and shoot right off the inbounds pass.

Play Tips: Have your best passer take the ball out. Don’t stare down the receiver and read the defense. Set good screens and make sure that the timing is right.


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