Pitt Panthers: Flex Offense Basketball Play (11-12)

Flex basketball plays work the best when you have a dominant big man on the block. If they can set a good screen for the cutter coming across, then he/she will either get a good post touch, or the cutter will get a wide open layup. Also, the flex offense works well when you have a good shooter set the flex screen. If the screener’s man helps off on the screen then he/she will be behind the play when the screener comes off the down screen.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: Flex Offense Basketball Play (11-12)

Similar Plays: Pitt Panthers: Back Screen/Down Screen Motion Offense (11-12), Pitt Panthers: Back Screen Re-Screen Pin Down Basketball Play (11-12), Pitt Panthers: Baseline Double/Single Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

Play Goal: Make the defense decide whether they are going to give up a layup or a shot off of the down screen.

Play Tips: Play only works if you set good screens and deliver the ball on time to the open man.


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