Pitt Panthers: Single Screen Double Screen Counter Basketball Play (11-12)

When setting up in a single double screening action on the baseline, it is up to the cutter to read his/her defender and decide how they are going to use the screen. A good defender is going to try and force the cutter to a side or the other, so don’t let the defender dictate what the cutter does. Set good solid screens and then just play out of it. If the screener’s defender over helps on the screen it can open up the screener. The passer needs to be aware of this, and the screener needs to open up to the ball after they set the screen. Basketball plays like this are primarily dependent on a couple of things, setting good legal screens and being able to read the defense.



Play Name: Pitt Panthers: Single Screen Double Screen Counter Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Set a single/double screen on the baseline and then let the cutter decide how he uses the screen. Get a shot for the cutter or a duck in for one of the screeners after they set the screen.

Play Tips: Hit someone on a screen and the cutter needs to set his man up to come off the screen. Read the defender and pass the ball to the cutter when he is open, don’t make him wait on the ball.


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