Providence Friars: 2-3 Zone Twirl Action Motion Offense (11-12)

This basketball play can be run against a zone or man. Motion offenses can be really good if your team has a tendency to be stagnant. Because every player knows where they are supposed to cut and move it makes sure that there is player movement. Make sure that there is proper spacing in this basketball play and then when your players are cutting they are always looking to catch the ball and be a threat to score. Man to man Twirl Action Motion Offense.



Play Name: Providence Friars: 2-3 Zone Twirl Action Motion Offense (11-12)

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Play Goal: Keep cutting and moving until the defense breaks down and there is an open shot.

Play Tips: Cut hard and look for the ball as you do. Move the ball and set good screens. The more times that the ball switches sides the better the chance is that the defense will break down.


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