Providence Friars: Handoff, Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

Depending on the pace of the game quick hitter plays can really build momentum and crush the other team’s morale. This is a simple basketball play, but if run the right way can be very effective. It is important to set a good ball screen and make the defense have to help on the ball screen, that will leave the flare man open. It is important that the players using the screens first set their defender up before using the screen. This will make sure that the defender can’t cheat the screen. Executing a play the correct way and having success with it is all about the details.



Play Name: Providence Friars: Handoff, Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get a quick shot off of the flare screen.

Play Tips: MUST sell the ball screen and get the defense to help on the ball screen. Set a good flare screen and make sure that the pass is a shooting pass.


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