Providence Friars: Single/Double Twirl Action Basketball Play (11-12)

By making the defense guard the first cutter, you open up the opportunity to get the second cutter the ball without there being help defense to stop them. The only way that this basketball play works though, is if the big man sets two great screens in a row and if the first cutter sells his cut and makes the defense shift. For basketball plays like this, all five players need to be involved and doing their job. Whether it is setting a screen, cutting hard, or spacing the floor, everyone needs to do their job.



Play Name: Providence Friars: Single/Double Twirl Action Basketball Play (11-12)

Similar Plays: Chicago Bulls: Low Double Stack Basketball Play, Chicago Bulls: Single/Double Basketball Play, Pitt Panthers: Single Screen/Double Screen Counter Basketball Play (11-12)

Play Goal: Make the defense shift and help on the first cutter and then hit the second cutter on the curl.

Play Tips: Set good screens and cut hard.


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