San Antonio Spurs: Loop Basketball Play

Whenever you can get into the paint and get the defense to suck in good to help things usually happen. There are different ways to do this, but for this basketball play, you are going to use the loop action which allows the guard to run off multiple screens. If the defender is chasing on the screen, then the cutter is going to curl on the screen get in the paint, and look to score or find a teammate. The cutter must first set their defender up, and then come full speed off of the screen.



Play Name: San Antonio Spurs: Loop Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Run the defender off of multiple screens and then just play out of it.

Play Tips: Big men need to keep screening but also be ready to slip or flash to the ball for a score. Guards need to read how their defender is guarding them to decide what cut they should make off of the screen (curl, straight cut, or fade).


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