San Antonio Spurs: Transition Drag Screen Basketball Play

This is a pretty simple basketball play, but it is effective if you are able to get into it quickly in transition before the defense gets set. The play depends on a good screen and the point guard reading the defense to make a play. The offensive players that are off the ball need to make sure that they space the floor and be ready to shoot or drive if the ball is kicked to them.

Transition baskets are a great way to get your offense jump-started or to turn up the pace of a game. It is important though that you have some structure in your transition offense. Your players need to know what lanes they should be running to keep the floor spaced, and then also be able to quickly get into an offensive set. It is your job as a basketball coach to make sure that you coaching this to your players.



Play Name: San Antonio Spurs: Transition Drag Screen Basketball Play

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Play Goal: Let the point guard attack off the ball screen and create.

Play Tips: Everyone needs to sprint the floor, set a good ball screen, and be aggressive off of the ball screen. The shooter in the corner needs to fill up ready to shoot.


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