Seffner Christian: Back Screen Down Screen Motion Offense

A basketball motion offense is designed to be the same movement over and over again. This will hopefully cause the defense to eventually breakdown and make a mistake, which will open up a shot for the offense. Well, this may not work very well at the NBA level because of the shorter shot clock, it is great for the high school and college level. Your looks on this basketball play are first on the block for the post up/layup or the shooter coming off the down screen.



Play Name: Seffner Christian: Back Screen/Down Screen Motion Offense

Similar Plays: Georgia Southern: Motion Offense (11-12)Providence Friars: Twirl Action Motion Offense (11-12), Pitt Panthers: Motion Offense (11-12)

Play Goal: Get the defense to break down by continually screening and moving. End up with an open look or an easy layup.

Play Tips: Set good legal screens for your teammates, keep the ball moving from side to side, and maintain good spacing. This type of offense is all about having everyone on the same page and reading the defense, don’t be robots.


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