Seffner Christian: BLOB Post Pin Down Curl Basketball Play

Baseline out of bounds basketball plays can be the difference between winning or losing a close game. You should aim to get 4-8 points a game from inbound plays. This play is run by Seffner Christian high school, but it is a really effective play for getting a great look at the basket. Look through our inbound plays and decide what will work best for your team. Either get the ball in for a shot or get the ball in and immediately get into an offensive set.



Play Name: Seffner Christian: BLOB Post Pin Down Curl Basketball Play

Similar Plays: Duke: BLOB Elbow Double Stack Basketball Play, Chicago Bulls: BLOB Pin Down/Mid Post Basketball Play, Houston Rockets: BLOB Double Screen Basketball Play (10-11)

Play Goal: Get the ball back to the inbounder on a curl to the basket.

Play Tips: Set good legal screens and make sure the pass is on time. Cut hard and make sure that the timing is right on the play.


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