Shelton State: BLOB Stack Back Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

Every basketball inbound play should be treated as an opportunity to run a set and get a good look at a shot or finish at the basket. Don’t waste your inbound plays by just trying to get the ball in bounds (unless it is an end of game situation). Look to score right off the catch, or get right into the offense off of the catch. Make sure that you also have multiple sets out of the same formation so that it is harder for the defense to scout your inbound plays. BLOB basketball plays like this can be the difference between winning a close game or losing it.



Play Name: Shelton State: BLOB Stack Back Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Set a back screen for the post player and get a layup or a dunk off of the inbound pass.

Play Tips: All the players in the line must cut hard and make the defense think that the play is not for the big man. The guard who sets the back screen needs to set a good legal screen to free up the big man.


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