Shelton State: High Post Entry Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

This is a pretty basic basketball play, but it is very effective if run the right way. The goal of the play is to hit the high post big man, and then once the shooter’s defender relaxes and turns his head to watch the ball, come off a flare screen. To make this play work it requires two things, timing and a good flare screen. If both of these things are executed the right way then it should end up in a quality look at a shot.



Play Name: Shelton State: High Post Entry Flare Screen Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get a shot for one of your better shooters off of the flare screen action.

Play Tips: Shooter needs to wait for a half second and let his defender relax and turn his head before coming off the screen. Also, the shooter needs to take his man below the level of the screen before coming off of it. Flare screen man needs to set a good screen and then if his man over helps on the flare slip to the basket for a layup or dunk.


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