Snead State: BLOB Double Stack Dive Basketball Play (11-12)

For this basketball play, you have 2 main options to try and score from. First is the double screen to the sideline for the shooter coming out, and the second is if the defense overplays and tries to take away the shot there is the big man’s dive to the basket. The playing throwing the inbound pass needs to read the defense and take what the defense gives. Whether the player coming off the double screen gets the ball or not, they need to cut hard and sell the defense. Otherwise, neither player is going to be open.



Play Name: Snead State: BLOB Double Stack Dive Basketball Play (11-12)

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Play Goal: Get a shot for the shooter coming out to the wing or hit the dive man for a layup/dunk.

Play Tips: Read the defense and take what they give you. Once the big man sets the double away he needs to dive hard to the basket and show his hands.


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