The Dynamic of a Basketball Workout

The Dynamic of a Basketball Workout


The dynamic of a good basketball workout is something that every trainer should know because it is the foundation for skill development. If the workout is not done the right way, it will cause the basketball player’s skill development to be stunted.

For example, if every workout is the same thing repeatedly, the player will master the different basketball drills and will not be challenged anymore; this will stunt their skill development growth.

Several key ingredients should go into a good basketball workout, and whether you have been a basketball trainer for 20 plus years or are just beginning as one, these simple guidelines are worth a read.


Balanced Basketball Workouts

Basketball players who have fun working out and enjoy being in the gym will improve at a higher rate than a player who sees working out as a chore. That is why you need to find the right balance with your drills and mix in a fun drill every now and then. They are still going to be getting better, but it will help keep them interested and motivated to work hard.

Different players are going to have drills that they enjoy more than others. For example, a shooter might like a basketball shooting drill where you have to make a certain number of shots within the time limit, and a ball handler might like a challenging tennis ball basketball dribbling drill. Whatever you do, keep it interesting and make it exciting to help keep the player motivated.

On the other hand, though, you need to make sure that the players are being challenged and doing drills to make them better. It is your job as the basketball trainer to get the best out of each player. Pick drills that are going to challenge them and make them better players.


New Material for Basketball Workouts

Adding new basketball drills to your workouts consistently is a great way to help keep your players motivated and challenged. Doing the same thing repeatedly will result in either the players mastering the basketball drill and then not getting any better or the player losing interest because they are bored. There are tons of different basketball drill variations, so make sure that you are switching up your drills and adding new content to keep your players interested and challenged for every workout.

Personalized Basketball Workouts

Not every basketball player is the same, which means that they shouldn’t all be doing the same workout. I understand if you have a large group of players, and it is hard to personalize each player’s workout. However, when in a small group, you need to make sure that you design the basketball workout according to a player’s specific needs. This is how the player is really going to grow and develop.


Teach During the Basketball Workout

You must work on a player’s basketball IQ along with their physical skills. Teach them why they are doing something a certain way and help them understand the benefits of it. This will help the skill translate better into a real game because they will understand why they are doing it. Help them to grow in their overall knowledge of the game and become smarter basketball players.


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