USC: Baseline Double Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

Off-ball screens are a great way to get a primary scorer or shooter open for a shot. This baseline double screen basketball play is going to allow the shooter the opportunity to read their defender, and then make the necessary cut to get open. If nothing is there on the first cut, the player can simply set their defender back up, and then take them off of another screening action.

A big key to this basketball play working is having two players that are willing to set great screens, and then react out of them. A lot of times the player setting the screen will end up open for a shot or finish because their defender has to over help on the cutter using the screen. However, if the screener doesn’t react after they set a screen, then they won’t have a chance to get that good look at the basket.



Play Name: USC: Baseline Double Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

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Play Goal: Run the best shooter or scorer off of a baseline double action to get an open shot.

Play Tips: The cutter must first set up their defender, and then read them as they use the screens. This will determine what type of cut they should use to get open (curl cut, straight cut, fade cut, etc.). Screeners must set good legal screens, and then open up to the ball and be a threat to score. Passers need to make sure that they hit the cutter or screener right when they pop open, don’t make them wait on the ball.


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