USC: BLOB Box Set Double Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

This is not one of the more advanced baseline out bounds basketball plays out there, but if executed the correct way it can end up in a quality shot for your team. Anytime your team has the opportunity to run a set play off of a dead ball action you should look to take advantage of it. These can be great opportunities for good shots. Don’t just try to get the ball in, unless it is an end of game situation.

In order for this basketball play to work and to end up with the shot that you want, there are a couple of things that need to happen. First, the shooter needs to set their defender up before using the screens, and then secondly the screeners need to set good quality screens for the shooter. One of the screeners may even end up being the one that gets the ball for a shot or finish if their defender over helps.


Play Name: USC: BLOB Box Set Double Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

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Play Goal: Get the ball in bounds and then get right into a double screen action for the shooter.

Play Tips: Shooter must first set their defender up before coming off of the screens. Players setting the screen need to set good legal screens, and then react out of them. The shooter needs to make sure that they don’t leave too early on the cut.


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