USC: Motion Down Offense (07-08)

This is a great basketball play to promote continual player movement and screening opportunities. It is all about the offensive players reading the defense, and then taking advantage of how they guard a particular cut or screen. If you are having trouble with player movement and ball movement, a motion offense is a good way to get your players cutting and screening for each other.

This motion down offense is going to involve some kind of wing/lane line screening action, but what gives the defense trouble is that the top or bottom player can both screen for each other. So sometimes it may be a down screen, while other times it could be a back screen or flare screen play. It is all about the offensive players making the right read, and then exploiting the defense. Basketball coaching is about trying to give your team the best chance to win, and finding the right basketball plays to run is a big part of that.



Play Name: USC: Motion Down Offense (07-08)

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Play Goal: Get player movement, ball movement, and screening opportunities for the offense.

Play Tips: Read the defense on every cut and screen, and then make the correct play. Cut hard and set good screens for each other. Always be a threat to score when you cut.


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