USC: Side Ball Screen Rise and Roll Basketball Play (07-08)

This side ball screen play is going to take advantage of the defense hedging out on the ball screen action. So the more that the ball handler can be aggressive, and drag the defensive big man out on the hedge, the better. Great basketball plays are able to read the defense, figure out how the defense is guarding the action, and then exploit it, and that is exactly what this play is going to do.

On the backside of the play, it is important that the offensive players stay spaced and remain a threat to score. This will keep the help side defense honest, and prevent them from over helping on the play. Also, the opposite post player needs to be able to flash hard to get a catch and then hit the rolling big man with an on-target pass. This is one of the better ball screen basketball plays that you will see out there.



Play Name: USC: Side Ball Screen Rise and Roll Basketball Play (07-08)

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Play Goal: Take advantage of the defense hedging a side ball screen action and get a layup or dunk at the basket for the role man.

Play Tips: Ball handler needs to be aggressive on the ball screen and drag the defensive post player out as far as they can. Opposite post player needs to make sure that they flash hard and get open to receive the pass, and then make a quality lead pass to the rolling big man.


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