USC: Weak Side Corner Cut Flare Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

This is a great basketball play to run if you have a good shooter or scorer on your team. The play is going to start out with some misdirection, and then bring the shooter off of a flare screen for a shot, or a catch and sweep. It also opens up the possibility of hitting the player that sets the flare screen for a dive to the basket, if their defender over helps on the flare screen action. This play is only going to be effective though if players are willing to set good screens for each other and cut hard.

The key to this play is setting good screens, but also reading what the defense is giving up. Don’t force it to the shooter if he/she is not open. Read the defense and hit the open player. It is up to you as the basketball coach to stress the details of this play to your team. Because that is how this play is going to be successful.



Play Name: USC: Weak Side Corner Cut Flare Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

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Play Goal: Get a shot for a shooter off of a flare screen, or hit the screener on the dive after the screen.

Play Tips: It is important that the weak side cutter sells his/her cut and cuts through hard. Screens need to be good legal screens and the passer needs to read the defense and hit the open player. The shooter must set up their defender before using the flare screen. When the shooter comes off the screen and gets the pass, they can also hit the role man if there is no shot for them, and the role man is open.



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