Utah Jazz: Horns Set Ball Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

By placing two big men on the lane line extended it allows the point guard to read the defender, and then take him off one or both ball screens and then play out of it. If you have a really good point guard this is a great basketball play to use, because if run the right way, there is almost always going to be someone open for a shot. It is just up to the defense who they are going to leave open.



Play Name: Utah Jazz: Horns Set Ball Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

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Play Goal: Allow your point guard to play off the two high ball screen action and then have the rest of the team space or cut to open spots.

Play Tips: PG must read the defender and be aggressive off the ball screen. Make the defense have to shift and help to open up other teammates. If they don’t help then the shot is for the ball handler.


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