Utah Jazz: Side Ball Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

This ball screen play is not your typical side ball screen action because it is being used towards the baseline instead of towards the middle. Since this is such a simple basketball play, to make it work you need the big man to set a good screen and then the ball handler to be aggressive and make the defense help. Other players should be spacing the floor or finding a lane to cut.



Play Name: Utah Jazz: Side Ball Screen Basketball Play (07-08)

Similar Plays: San Antonio Spurs: High Ball Screen Basketball Play, Chicago Bulls: Ball Screen/Triple Screen Basketball Play

Play Goal: Set a good screen and then let the point guard play out of the ball screen action and let them make a play for themselves or a teammate.

Play Tips: The players off the ball must maintain good spacing. Ball handler needs to be aggressive and put the defense in a compromising position. Players off the ball need to be ready to shoot.


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